A long story that comes from afar

The history of this farm began in the 90s. The lands are spread over 3 different hills: the first part of the farm consists in 33 hectares located on a hill near Porrona and its Castle, cultivated with the typical Tuscan varieties of olive trees – leccino, moraiolo, frantoiano, correggiolo and pendolino as pollinator - (about 6000 plants) with a drop irrigation system fed by a pond. The plants are pruned in rotation in a polyconic vase (a pruning method typical of the area) and are 18 years old. In this part of the farm there is the recently renovated cellar where the wine is produced and ages.

The second part of the farm is located on a hill close to Cinigiano and from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view ranging from the Tyrrhenian coast to Mount Amiata. It consists in 7 hectares of olive trees and 7,5 hectares of a spectacular vineyard, with a perfect sunny exposition to the south-west side, very well ventilated. The vineyard, occupying the entire hill and bring divided in half by a corridor of cypresses, offers a unique spectacle. On the other side of the same hill, there is a olive grove of about 5 hectares.